Semi-orthopaedic insoles

4Allbrands certified semi-orthopaedic insoles provide comfort and support in any footwear for all uses.
In addition, as a certified medical device, 4Allbrands semi-orthopaedic insoles serve preventively to avoid foot pain and disease. 


The options for 4Allbrands semi-orthopaedic insoles currently include:

- Low Arch for foot arch support
- Medium Arch for foot arch support
- High Arch for foot arch support

For specific foot problems and disorders, new variants of semi-orthopaedic insoles become available regularly.

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Our service

Our team members have a high level of knowledge and expertise in the field of orthopaedic footwear solutions. With the help of our footdisc we can assess which insole is suitable for the user's foot. By combining our knowledge and being at the forefront of the latest technologies, we can offer the best solution and advise you!

We always try to think along with our customers, therefore we offer the possibility to develop special versions on customer request. 

Law and regulations

The 4Allbrands semi-orthopaedic insoles are certified in accordance with the current laws and regulations for semi-orthopaedic insoles.