As the name 4Allbrands already suggests, our solutions are compatible with all brands and models of (occupational) footwear. For our solutions, a distinction is made between five different usage applications, all of which have their own available brands and models. 



Daily, Sport & Outdoor

Currently, our footwear solutions for Daily, Sport & Outdoor are available for all models of any brand of footwear. All solutions are certified according to Regulation EU/2017/745 (MDR).

More information?

Do you want more information or do you have questions about the brands for which 4Allbrands is available? Contact our team members by using the contact form below!

Work & Safety

To ensure that every user can work in a safe and healthy manner, all footwear solutions are tested and approved in combination with a brand's model based on the latest ISO standards.  

Currently, 4Allbrands' Library consists of over 6,000 different footwear models. These models are all tested and approved according to the previously described guidelines. If a model or brand is not yet in the 4Allbrands Library, it can be requested. This brand will then be tested and approved, so that it can be added to our Library!


Important in use applications Work & Safety:

To examine the compatibility and safety of footwear solutions with a particular brand's model, each model is tested in conjunction with our footwear solution.